Water Restoration Services in Huntsville, AL

With over 45 years of experience locally, Brown's Carpet Cleaning of Huntsville truly understands water damage and recovery in the Huntsville, AL, area. Our top priority with water restoration, besides getting you back into your home, is stopping the spread of mold and mildew. Once we assess the damaged area, we will develop a treatment plan to remove the infected area and prevent the growth of mold in the future. Our restoration methods will ensure that you'll be back in your home or office without any worries of further rotting or molding. Our complete water restoration services include:
  • Removing damaged items
  • Ensuring that the structure is safe
  • Cleaning carpets and furniture

Maximizing your recovery efforts

Our goal in water restoration is to maximize your recovery efforts after a flood, broken pipe or other water damage to your property. We will make every attempt to restore your property with little to no disruption during the restoration and recovery process. We will also note all of the water damage to your home or office and provide it to your insurance company so they understand the extent of the repairs that are required.
Water Restoration - Carpet Cleaning in Huntsville, AL

Minimizing the stress of the situation

Call Brown's Carpet Cleaning of Huntsville at (256) 536-1430 for any water damage restoration services.
We understand that any damage to your home or business can be very stressful. That is why we make every effort to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to get your life back to normal. We will provide details of our clean-up, treatment and restoration plans so that you have clear expectations from our service. Our crews are available until you are completely satisfied with our work.